The Trainer’s Pack Of NLP Exercises

Full instructions for running 128 NLP training activities!

  • 360 pages, 128 exercises
  • Exercise instructions with objectives, timings, FAQs
  • Also includes handouts (where needed) that you can copy or modify

Are you an NLP trainer, perhaps newly qualified, looking for some additional exercises or improvements on the ones you’ve got? Are you a trainer who has some familiarity with NLP and would like practical exercise instructions (with handouts where needed) so you don’t have to wade through loads of theory to pick out usable activities? Are you an NLP practitioner who wants to set up or run a session for a practice group? Then this is the only training resource you will need!

“I’m pleased to wholeheartedly recommend this pack to NLP Trainers, NLP Master Practitioners, AND well-trained NLP Practitioners alike…  I’m confident it will expand any trainer’s repertoire of learning experiences. Every trainer should acquire a copy!”
– Jonathan Altfeld, international NLP trainer and developer of Genius Mapping

What’s in the Pack: A printable e-book in PDF format – 360 pages with 128 exercises

  • PLUS 54 pages of handouts and wallcharts (where applicable – not every exercise needs a handout) in MS Word format so you can tailor or rebrand them for your courses

This resource kit could save you days or weeks of preparation!

Includes exercise instructions with:

  • Objectives
  • Timings
  • Procedure
  • Suggested clear-up questions
  • Handout pages (where needed) that you can copy or modify
  • Wallcharts (where needed) that you can copy or modify

In this pack, you get clearly set out exercise formats for:

  • developing NLP skills such as rapport and sensory acuity,
  • practising techniques such as anchoring and submodality shifts
  • learning language patterns and hypnotic skills
  • formats for problem solving and exploration, such as the “Disney Strategy”, Neuro-Logical Levels and the S.C.O.R.E. model
  • clarifying values and setting goals
  • sharpening questioning skills
  • strategy elicitation and modelling
  • increasing emotional awareness and social intelligence

Note: What you won’t find is instructions for deep therapeutic changework techniques. Why? Because if you are an expert in these techniques you will know how to guide people through them already, and if you’re not an expert in these techniques, you shouldn’t be attempting to teach them to others.

The Trainer’s Pack of NLP Exercises also includes a Word document version of the handouts to allow you to modify them, and searchable keywords to allow you to quickly find activities for workshops on particular topics such as listening skills, self-esteem or assertiveness.

“This is a must have if you are running NLP courses – and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it. Andy has long had a reputation for providing top notch training, and this book is a wonderful and generous extension of his standards. It’s not only a resource, it’s a companion, packed as it is with his advice and commentary. This must have been a huge undertaking, and many will thank him for it for many years to come. I’m definitely one of them.”
– Trevor Silvester – NLP Trainer, developer of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, author of Wordweaving and Cognitive Hypnotherapy

“A very rich gold mine of exercises for both the NLP Trainer as well as NLP Practitioners and those of us who run NLP practice groups. The wealth of experiential exercises and structured, yet ‘pick and mix’ learning format is an absolute must have. Buy yourself a copy right now, you will be very very pleased!!”
– Nigel Hetherington – Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer

So if you want great exercises that are already worked out, and that will be just right for your students, buy this pack!

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Trainer's Pack of NLP Exercises
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 by Jim Kelley - NLP Coach Trainer, developer Self-Directed Change® Method
Trainer's Pack of NLP Exercises

What a relief to have found this, right! Thank you Andy. Hard to imagine how long it may have taken to assemble and test the training exercises included in this resource. Five stars, well done - & customizable. All up, excellent, highly recommend.