Using Your Timeline For Learning And Review

Guided visualisation self-hypnosis audio

Using Your Timeline for Learning And Review


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If you’re studying or on a training course, this guided visualization self-hypnosis dual-induction audio is for you!

It’s designed to help you review and integrate everything you’ve learned on any course or training that you’re taking.

Studies show that regular review helps you to retain more knowledge. This audio is designed to enlist the power of your unconscious mind to help you.

NLP trainer Andy Smith talks you through a guided visualisation taking you on a journey above your ‘timeline’ (how your unconscious mind organises your memories) to help you recover resourceful emotional states from times when you learned new knowledge rapidly and easily, and bring them back to the present. During the journey we ask your unconscious mind to review and integrate everything you’ve learned from the start of your training programme, all the way back to now.

For best results use daily to start with. Later on you can listen every few days, every week, or as needed.

“I’m normally a high-­speed person, and wasn’t convinced that I could sit still for 15 minutes without getting impatient. But this was bliss. I was in a hypnotic trance within seconds, and just floated through the entire recording. I’m actually thinking that I’d like to do this every night before I go to sleep.
– Resli Costabell, International Speaker, Trainer and Coach

To be honest I have come across many products claiming to help with memory and review and none have really been any good. I have been using this tool to enhance the way in which I have been learning and review new material for my presentations.
I have found that I have been able to explore, retain and use new information faster then before with total easy of use.
The idea of reviewing whilst I have been writing the material using this tool­ Pure Genius!
Quality of the recording ­ as good as any commercial recording I have purchased. The most I have spent on a tool like this was $99 and was total rubbish. The average I have spent is £27.00 which honestly is a very reasonable price mark for this tool.
I have been using this tool for two weeks now, loaded on my iPhone so I have used it in many place whilst traveling and it’s been a revelation in being able to retain and review new material on the go, which is very important in my work. As a expert in performance and productivity enhancement, this tool could be the edge for any student studying for exams.
Many thanks Andy for allowing me to test this for you, it far exceeded my expectations, Thank you!“
– Deepak Lodhia International Speaker, Author and Coach

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Using Your Timeline For Learning And Review - guided visualisation hypnotic audio
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