Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 5 – Language Part 1

Audio plus transcripts

This collection covers deep structure and surface structure, presuppositions in language, the ‘Hierarchy of Ideas’ (chunking), and the Meta Model

Discover how to communicate at the right level, how to ‘read between the lines’ of what people say, and how to ask precision questions to really understand what people are telling you and even help them to check their own beliefs against reality – without losing rapport.

The collection includes these episodes:

  1. Deep Structure And Surface Structure
  2. Presuppositions In Language Part 1
  3. Presuppositions In Language Part 2
  4. The ‘Hierarchy Of Ideas’ (Chunking)
  5. The Meta Model Part 1: Distortions
  6. The Meta Model Part 2: Generalisations
  7. The Meta Model Part 3: Deletions, And How To Use The Meta Model In Practice

with transcripts and downloadable audio for each episode. 48 pages of transcripts and 85 minutes of audio in total.

“Firstly, I commend this podcast to you if you are interested in putting yourself at cause (rather than living life on the back foot). Being a fan of great podcasts, the day to day application of NLP and Andy Smith’s approach to training, imagine how happy I was to discover episode one of Andy’s Practical NLP podcast. Several weeks went by before I subscribed via iTunes and subsequently listened to each of the available episodes. He has reminded me about a lot of NLP that I had forgotten, introduced me to specifics that I had either missed or ignored and reminded me that it’s my responsibility to apply what I know to live my life well. Thank you and keep up the good work.”
– Stephen Cotterell, photographer

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 5 - Language Part 1
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