Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 9 – Models And Applications

How to understand change and improve difficult relationships

This audio and transcript collection covers levels of change, meta programs, perceptual positions, how to give and receive feedback effectively, ‘Satir Categories’, and how to learn from ‘difficult’ people

NLP has produced many useful models and processes that will help you succeed in your career and your life. The insights included here give you a great way to make sense of organisational change, quick ways to ‘read’ people to select them for the right job roles and manage and influence them successfully, a process for resolving interpersonal problems, and practical ways to understand your own and other people’s ‘difficult’ behaviour when under stress. The collection includes these episodes:

58. Levels of Change (also known as ‘logical levels’)

59. Meta Programs part 1

60. Meta Programs part 2

61. Meta Programs part 3

62. Perceptual Positions

63. Effective Feedback and Learning from Criticism

64. The ‘Satir Categories’ and Learning from ‘Difficult’ People

with transcripts and downloadable audio for each episode.

34 pages of transcripts and 80 minutes of audio in total.

“I write as a NLP master Practitioner. There is a lot of material about NLP going around and of varying quality. I suffer, as do many serious NLP practitioners, from the exaggerated claims of many so-called gurus, who have given NLP a bad name. These podcasts by Andy Smith set the tone for how NLP can be presented, and are the best I have heard. Andy has a pleasant speaking voice and a gift of presenting complex material in simple language. The series presents NLP as I should always like to see (or hear) it done, with no “ego overload” as I call it, and no exaggerated claims. I feel certain that anyone one who listens to these podcasts will find that it influences their lives in a positive way, and come away enriched.” – iTunes listener Ntmj, Netherlands

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 9 - Models And Applications
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