Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 11: Goal Setting And Timelines

Connect with your values and find your direction

Practical NLP Podcast Goals Timelines

This collection of episodes 70-77 of the Practical NLP Podcast, with transcripts, covers values elicitation, how to work with different kinds of motivation, goal-setting, and timelines

In this collection you’ll find out what values are and why they are important, for motivation and for checking that you’re on the right track. Many NLP trainers leave values until the Master Practitioner training, but they’re much too important for that!

Knowing how to elicit, prioritise, and align values could make all the difference between having goals that look good on paper but deep down you don’t care about, and compelling goals that you know you’re going to achieve.

You’ll also learn how to check the direction of your motivation around each value (is it ‘Towards’ or ‘Away From’?), how that affects the results you get, and what to do about it. 

Plus you’ll discover how your unconscious mind represents time (your ‘timeline’) and the profound effect that can have on your time management and how you experience life in general.

You’ll also learn about a process designed to clear anxiety using your timeline. And you can choose from two processes for installing compelling goals into your future timeline.

This package contains the audio and transcripts for the following episodes from the Practical NLP Podcast:

70: How To Elicit Values

71: Prioritising Values And Resolving Conflicts

72: Why You Need ‘Towards’ Motivation In Goal Setting

73: What’s Missing From S.M.A.R.T. Goals

74: Two Ways To Install A Goal On Your Timeline

75: Eliciting Your Timeline

76: How To Test-Drive Your Timeline

77: How To Clear Anxiety Using Your Timeline

“Very accessible, insightful and practical”
– Bev Davies, from a review on Apple Podcasts

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 11: Goal Setting And Timelines
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