Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 2 – Develop Rapport

Practical NLP Podcast Collection 2


Secrets of sensory acuity and rapport

This collection of episodes 12­ – 18 of the Practical NLP Podcast covers sensory acuity, rapport, sensory systems, predicates and eye patterns -­ including explanations, practical exercises, tips, things to watch out for, examples, and practical applications.

The collection includes these episodes:

  1. Sensory Acuity
  2. Rapport
  3. Crossover Matching and Pacing & Leading
  4. Applications of Pacing & Leading
  5. Representational Systems
  6. “Predicates” (Sensory Words)
  7. Eye Patterns

with transcripts and downloadable audio for each episode. 51 pages of transcripts and 85 minutes of audio in total.

“I love these podcasts. I’m a qualified NLP practitioner and keen student of NLP and psychology, but I always learn something from your podcasts.”
– Resli Costabell, award­-winning international speaker, trainer and coach

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