Practical NLP Podcast Collected Episodes 1-78

Covers the whole NLP Practitioner curriculum – and more!

A great reference for NLP Practitioners, and a good place to start with NLP

The transcripts and audios in this collection are arranged in 11 volumes, covering the whole of the NLP Practitioner curriculum (as set out by ANLP International) plus some valuable additional material.

“I use Andy’s podcasts to train my sales teams. The easy to follow processes are so clear and simple. My teams have had amazing results from listening to Andy and using his techniques. I would recommend Andy’s podcasts training tools to anybody looking to further develop their sales and communication skills.” – Jessica Anderson, sales team leader

Here’s what’s in the package: over 400 pages of transcripts and 14+ hours of audio

Volume 1: Introducing NLP – Episodes 1-11 Covers getting started with NLP and basic principles.

Volume 2: Develop Rapport – Episodes 12-18 Covers sensory acuity, rapport, matching and mirroring, pacing and leading, predicates and eye patterns.

Volume 3: Submodalities – Episodes 19-23 Covers submodalities, the ‘mapping across’ technique, how to deal with the ‘inner critic’, and the Swish pattern (‘unpacked’ in depth).

Volume 4: Anchoring – Episodes 25-30 Covers how NLP works as a ‘toolkit’ for Emotional Intelligence, secrets of state elicitation, how to set a resource anchor for yourself, the 5 keys to successful anchoring, the ‘Circle of Excellence’ technique, stacking and chaining anchors, and some applications of anchoring in business and non-therapy contexts.

Volume 5: Language Part 1 – Episodes 31-37 Covers presuppositions, the ‘Hierarchy of Ideas’ (chunking), and the Meta Model.

Volume 6: Language Part 2 – Episodes 38-40 and 42-44 Covers the Milton Model and the use of metaphor in NLP

Volume 7: Strategies – Episodes 45-52 Covers eliciting, utilising, changing and installing strategies, the TOTE model, the NLP Spelling Strategy, the ‘Disney Strategy’ for creativity, and the New Behaviour Generator.

Volume 8: Frames, Reframes And Parts – Episodes 53-57 Covers frames, reframing, the Six Step Reframe process, detecting and utilising incongruence, and Parts Integration.

Volume 9: Models And Applications – Episodes 58-64 Covers levels of change, meta programs, perceptual positions, Satir Categories, and how to learn from ‘difficult’ people.

Volume 10: Using NLP In Business – Episodes 65-69 Covers influencing, effective meetings, negotiating, sales and leading with NLP

Volume 11: Goal Setting And Timelines – Episodes 70-77 Covers values, motivation, goal-setting, and timelines

The collection includes transcripts and downloadable audio for each episode (except for one ‘bonus’ track which was a live recording of a workshop so no transcript). With 428 pages of transcripts (in searchable PDF format, so you can easily look up the concept or pattern you want) and over 14 hours of audio.

Plus bonus episodes ‘An NLP View of Genius’ and ‘Using NLP for Blogging and Social Media’.

“So much stuff out there, but Andy’s approach is great. Readable, listenable and effective. Whether you’re new to all this, or refining existing knowledge, these bite-sized podcasts are superb” – Adam Evans, Outdoor Instruction

“A great introduction to NLP. Informative, well presented and a valuable aide-memoire for those interested in developing their knowledge of NLP” – Jonathan Rutt

Note: to avoid massive downloads running into hundreds of megabytes, which might be unmanageable if you’re on a slow connection, the downloads in this product are 11 volumes of PDF transcripts of the episodes. Each of these has a download link for the audio on its front cover.

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Practical NLP Podcast Collected Episodes 1-78
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