Practical NLP Podcast collection 1-78

Practical NLP Podcast Back Episodes

Back episodes and transcripts of the acclaimed Practical NLP Podcast

Here’s where you can get the earlier episodes of the Practical NLP Podcast that are no longer available on iTunes. These collections include episode transcripts (except for one or two ‘extra’ episodes which feature interviews or live course recordings).

Get the full set of Volumes 1-11 in one cost-effective package!

Practical NLP Podcast – Collected episodes 1-78

The whole NLP Practitioner curriculum – and more!
The most cost-effective way to get these back episodes and transcripts, this collects the first eleven volumes of the Practical NLP Podcast. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast 1

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 1 – Introducing NLP

Get started with NLP
This collection of the first 11 episodes of the Practical NLP Podcast covers the essential frames for learning, and the NLP ‘presuppositions’ that you need to know about in order to understand and use NLP successfully. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection 2

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 2 – Develop Rapport

Secrets of sensory acuity and rapport
This collection of episodes 12­ – 18 of the Practical NLP Podcast covers sensory acuity, rapport, sensory systems, predicates and eye patterns -­ including explanations, practical exercises, tips, things to watch out for, examples, and practical applications. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast collection 3

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 3 – Submodalities

Defuse ‘triggers’ for negative feelings and tame the ‘inner critic’
This collection of episodes 19-23 of the Practical NLP Podcast covers submodalities and how to work with them – including ‘mapping across’, how to deal with critical internal dialogue, and the Swish Pattern.   [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection 4

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 4 – Anchoring

Everything you need to get started with this essential NLP technique
Episodes 25-30, providing useful how-to information on emotional intelligence, state elicitation, self-anchoring, the 5 keys to successful anchoring, the circle of excellence, stacking and chaining anchors, and how to use anchors in real life. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection 5

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 5 – Language Part 1

Essential communication and questioning skills
Discover how to communicate at the right level, how to ‘read between the lines’ of what people say, and how to ask precision questions to really understand what people are telling you and even help them to check their own beliefs against reality – without losing rapport. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast 6

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 6 – Language Part 2

A deep dive into the Milton Model
Discover how to craft hypnotic suggestions, how to embed these suggestions in conversational language that still sounds natural, how to utilise whatever happens, and how to design therapeutic metaphors that work. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP 7

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 7 – Strategies

Eliciting strategies is an essential skill for changework and modelling excellence
This audio and transcript collection covers eliciting, utilising, changing, and installing strategies, the TOTE Model, The NLP Spelling Strategy, the ‘Disney Strategy’ for creativity, and the New Behaviour Generator. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast reframing

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 8 – Reframing

How to change problem behaviour, generate new choices, and heal inner conflicts
These audios and transcripts collect episodes 53-57 of the Practical NLP Podcast, covering frames, reframing, the Six Step Reframe process, detecting and utilising incongruence, and parts integration. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast 9

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 9 – Models And Applications

How to understand change and improve difficult relationships
Collects episodes 58-64, covering ‘Logical Levels’, the six most useful metaprograms for business, Perceptual Positions, effective feedback and how to learn from criticism, the ‘Satir Categories’, and how to learn from difficult people. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast 10

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 10 – Using NLP In Business

How to apply your NLP skills to business
Episodes 65-69, covering changing states to change minds, using NLP to run effective meetings, the 123-XL model for negotiation, the CRAFT Model for sales and influence, and leading with NLP. [Learn more…]

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Practical NLP Podcast Goals Timelines

Practical NLP Podcast: Volume 11 – Goal Setting And Timelines

Connect with your values and find your direction
Episodes 70-77, covering values elicitation, different kinds of motivation, goal-setting, and timelines. [Learn  more…]

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