Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 4 – Anchoring

Anchoring – how to access resourceful emotional states when you need them!

Everything you need to get started with this essential NLP technique

This collection of episodes 25-30 of the Practical NLP Podcast gives you everything you need to get started with this essential NLP technique.

Using Pavlov’s principles of classical conditioning, the NLP method known as ‘anchoring’ enables you set a ‘resource anchor’ for yourself, so you can access whatever resourceful emotional state you need to, on demand, any time, any where, instantly!

The collection includes these episodes:

  1. Emotional Intelligence And NLP
  2. How To Set Your Own Resource Anchor
  3. The Five Keys To Successful Anchoring
  4. The ‘Circle Of Excellence’ And How To Use It (Includes Stacking And Collapsing Anchors)
  5. Secrets Of Successful State Elicitation
  6. Chaining Anchors, Practical Applications Of Anchoring, And Review

with transcripts and downloadable audio for each episode. 39 pages of transcripts and 71 minutes of audio in total.

“I’ve been working in NLP training since the late 80’s and came across these outstanding podcasts last year. He brilliantly explains NLP here, and his sound and in-depth knowledge of materials and inspired yet practical delivery is a real professional asset in this sometimes variable field. As an NLP podcaster myself, I’d have to say, if you’re interested in NLP, then this is definitely one of the vital ones to listen to.” – Phil Parker, developer of the Lightning Process

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 4 - Anchoring
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