Practical NLP: How to use NLP principles to improve your life – audiobook

Practical NLP 225Who is this audiobook for?
If you’re interested in improving your life, being happier, or more effective as a manager, it could be for you. You could use it as preparation if you are going to attend an NLP training course, or you could use it to get some practical benefits from the NLP principles even if you never intend to go in a classroom again!

What’s the purpose of this audiobook?

When I train NLP courses, I’ve often noticed that major realisations or ‘Aha!’ moments for many participants often come quite early in the course, when they learn about the ‘presuppositions’ or principles of NLP. So before the participants have had a chance to learn much in the way of ‘technical’ NLP skills, and certainly before they’ve had a chance to practice enough to get good at them, they’re already seeing the potential for big improvements.

I’ve come to believe that the most useful thing about the principles of NLP is that you can use them to make your life better, without any formal training or skills in NLP.

Obviously you will get even better results if you do get some training and develop some skills, but acting ‘as if’ the principles are true will still help you. This is because the principles are an attitude and a way of looking at the world which you can regard as a set of instructions for success.

What’s in the audiobook?

This audiobook explains 12 principles of NLP, each with practical tips and exercises that you can use straight away to get new perspectives on life, relationships, work and success. It should come out around an hour of audio altogether.

You can download the chapters as individual MP3 files, or as an iTunes compatible audiobook that remembers where you left off reading.

Length: 1 hour 52 minutes

Note: There is quite a bit of overlap with the Practical NLP Podcast episodes 7-11 (part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 1), but there are also a lot of practical exercises not included in these podcasts.

How to get it
Currently the only way to get this audiobook is to subscribe to the Practical NLP Podcast newsletter at – hit the ‘Claim your free audio course’ button on the top half of the home page.

Reviews of Andy Smith’s NLP audios (from the ‘Practical NLP’ podcast):

‘I would recommend to anyone wishing to gain an initial understanding of NLP or anyone generally wanting to explore their potential that they give this podcast a listen’ – Kevin T-M

‘A well scripted and succinct explanation of this NLP presupposition. It gives plenty of food for thought for practical application and areas for further investigation. Well worth a listen.’ – Ian Walton

‘To this day I have never met a better presenter. He’s easy to understand, interesting and conveys information in a way that’s helpful to you (not just to make him look good). He’s got great anecdotes, a huge amount of background knowledge… and a sense of humour. For me, all the things that make a podcast worth tuning into. Oh, and technical skills….I can actually hear it, which helps…’ – Ms Timm

‘I don’t know how many times I’ve subscribed to different NLP podcasts and get irritated by them, however this one is brilliant. Well put together, concise and full of wonderful nuggets. Andy has a nice voice and technically the podcast sounds well produced. Keep up the good work!’ – Anne-Marie mcr uk

4 thoughts on “Practical NLP: How to use NLP principles to improve your life – audiobook

  1. I found the audiobook great! It has already helped my achieve better results in my life and work. I do recommend it to all who are seeking ways to improve different aspects of their life. Everything about the audio files is extremely appealing, even the narrator’s soothing voice, the choice of words, the pace, and the rhythm, all leading to a tremendously positive influence on you and your life, which can foster a much-enhanced feeling about you and your resources.

  2. This was the best $5 I have ever spent.
    In a nutshell I found this audiobook refreshingly articulate, rigorous, concise, relevant, practical and user-focused . I find the reader’s voice and tone perfect to listen to: neutral enough, calm, confident and inspiring trust. I relax when I hear it and this state of receptiveness is both pleasant conducive to learning. I recommend this audiobook without any reservation.

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