Practical NLP Podcast Vol. 8 – Frames, Reframing, And Parts

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This audio and transcript collection covers frames, reframing, the Six Step Reframe process, detecting and utilising incongruence, and parts integration.

Framing and reframing is a vital skill both for changework and influencing, while the Six Step Reframe and Parts Integration are powerful tools for therapy and personal development. The collection includes these episodes:

53. Frames
54. Reframing
55. The Six Step Reframe
56. Detecting And Utilising Incongruence
57. Parts Integration

with transcripts and downloadable audio for each episode.

26 pages of transcripts and 56 minutes of audio in total.

Andy’s NLP podcasts are very clear and to the point, with immediate practical application possibilities. He has a very pleasant communicative voice and a friendly, down-to earth style of teaching, which makes understanding an easy and enjoyable task. He is both entertaining and accurately informative. Thank you Andy, for making so much of your wisdom freely available and for helping others in their pursuit of living fuller, more meaningful lives!

– Carmel Flatley, leadership coach and consultant