Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 6 – Language Part 2

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This audio collection covers the Milton Model of language and the use of metaphors in NLP.

It sets out the various language patterns modelled from Dr Milton Erickson, the master of indirect suggestion and the father of modern hypnotic methods.

Discover how to craft hypnotic suggestions, how to embed these suggestions in conversational language that still sounds natural, how to utilise whatever happens, and how to design therapeutic metaphors that work.

The collection is a must for anyone interested in influencing or hypnosis. It includes these episodes:

38. The Milton Model Part 1: Distortions
39. The Milton Model Part 2: Generalisations and Deletions
40. The Milton Model Part 3: Pacing, Utilisation and Ambiguities
(note: Episode 41 was a one-off interview about NLP, blogging and marketing, not included here)
42. The Milton Model Part 4: Embedded Suggestions
43. The Milton Model Part 5: The Remaining Patterns
44. Metaphors

with transcripts and downloadable audio for each episode. 37 pages of transcripts and 65 minutes of audio in total.

What a tremendous resource this has been for me and almost uncanny as the content gives me tools to cope with whatever my current circumstances seem to be. It’s tremendously useful and I thoroughly recommend it.”
– ‘grinninggecko’, from a review of the podcast on iTunes

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