Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment – Corporate Licence

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Use this Emotional Intelligence assessment with your clients or course participants

If you want to use the “Practical EQ Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment” in training courses or coaching programmes within your organisation, this is the licence you need. It grants your organisation the right to use the assessment with employees and with clients of the company in perpetuity.

Institutions that have licensed the assessment include FedEx, Ketchum, Washington State Employment Security Dept and the Alternatives for Girls program in Detroit.

It has been used in research programmes at Grand Canyon University, South Bank University, All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Anglia Ruskin University, Marjons College and St Mary’s University, Minnesota.

Please note:

  1. The licence does not grant the right to sell the assessment – only to use it as part of a coaching or training programme for employees and clients of your company. Similarly, you may not sell this licence on or grant your clients the right to use the assessment separately from your programmes.
  2. If you are an academic or graduate student wanting to use the assessment in your research, please contact me. Usually I’m happy to let you use the assessment provided you share relevant research results with me.
  3. Charities and voluntary organisations wishing to use the assessment should contact us for prices.
  4. Solo practitioners and small businesses (with 5 employees or fewer) should purchase the Small Business version of this licence. Educational establishments (universities, colleges or schools) wishing to use the assessment within a single department should use the Education version of this licence.

Disclaimer: the self-assessment does not claim to be scientifically validated in any way. It is designed to get the person taking the self-assessment to reflect about how well they apply their innate emotional intelligence.

You can preview the licence here (PDF format).

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