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  • Guided relaxation over tranquil ambient music
  • MP3 download – 20m58s

Over a background of unobtrusive ambient music, Andy Smith guides you deeper into relaxation.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that deep relaxation can be helpful in combating a range of disorders including arthritis, muscle pain, insomnia, and inducing anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory changes that counteract the effect of stress on the body (source: American Psychological Association Monitor).

Andy says: “This was the audio I used to give my clients when I was a hypnotherapist. Many of them said that they never managed to stay ‘awake’ until the end!

“It’s pretty old now (I made it about twenty-five years ago) – but it still works!”

Details: 20 minutes 58 seconds long File size: 40.3 MB

Note: no subliminals are used in this audio

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Relaxation Audio by Andy Smith
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 by Alexandra Robinson
Unwind, calm down and Relax

I live my life to the full.. always busy. I struggle to 'turn off' .... but this audio really does it for me... like taking off a heavy pair of boots and feeling the sand under my feet.

I thoroughly recomend it for those who find it hard to zone out.