Cold Calling Motivation Hypnotic Audio

Your daily shot of motivation


Listen to a one-minute sample:

Do you have to make calls as part of your job? Do you need a shot of motivation?

That’s what this Cold Calling Motivation Audio is designed to give you! It’s a dual-induction hypnotic audio that uses NLP and Ericksonian language patterns to give you powerful positive suggestions, designed to bypass your conscious mind and go straight to your unconscious to help you feel more motivated.

It’s also designed to help you focus your attention on the non-verbal signals and buying signs that your prospects give away in their voice tonality, breathing patterns and choice of words.

Duration: 15:00

Downloadable MP3 encoded at 192 kbit/s

For best results listen daily.

Here’s what one user said:

“Historically I would wind myself up for a 2 or 3 day splurge, hate every minute of it and stop as soon as I had reached the deadline I’d set. After listening to your audio programme I’m more relaxed, more focused and better prepared, which means that I’m almost enjoying the process and after a few frustrating days this week (disappearing contacts etc) I’m quite looking forwards to getting back on the phone next week.”

How many extra sales would it take for you to make a profit on this investment? Two? One?

Download it now and give yourself an edge!