NLP Knowledge Products By Jonathan Altfeld

Here’s my pick of NLP audio and knowledge products by top international NLP trainer Jonathan Altfeld – check these out if you want to expand your NLP skills beyond what’s taught on a ‘standard’ NLP Practitioner course!

Belief Craft (Knowledge Engineering + Sleight of Mouth) 13+ hour mp3 Audio set

Belief Craft

This audio set was recorded at the first 3 days of an NLP Master Practitioner course with Jonathan Altfeld and Doug O’Brien. (I attended an earlier standalone version of the Belief Craft seminar and it was great!)

Belief Craft blends Jonathan’s “Knowledge Engineering” modelling material with Doug’s approach to “Sleight of Mouth” language patterns for influentially changing minds. This gives a fast, systematic method for helping people to discard limiting beliefs and unwanted habits by ‘reprogramming’ around problematic  habits and responses. Find out more and download Belief Craft from Jonathan here.

Finding Your Irresistible Voice, Downloadable MP3 Set

Finding Your Irresistible VoiceTrainers – Consultants – Speakers: Want a World-Class Voice?

Want a more powerful voice that will
mesmerize people into wanting to hear more?

Want a more compelling voice that will cause people to trust you, buy from you, seek you out – just to hear more of what you have to say?

With his early training in radio and TV, plus years of studying influence techniques, Jonathan has been able to create this unique MP3 set that shows you how to develop a more resonant and varied voice, how to use command tonalities, how to project a voice that people love to listen to, and much, much more.

Find out more and download Finding Your Irresistible Voice  from Jonathan here (a CD set version is also available).

Creating The Automatic Yes MP3 Audio Set

automatic-yesIn this audio programme you will learn Jonathan Altfeld’s unique and pragmatic approaches to NLP for Emotional State Chaining, for helping you to influence people from their current state, into more Action oriented emotional states. It also teaches greater personal emotional NLP state-management skills in depth… and much more!

Find out more and download Creating The Automatic Yes from Jonathan here (a CD set version is also available).

The Metaphor Machine MP3 Audio Set

NLP Metaphor MachineKnowing how to use metaphors is a key part of your NLP toolkit, and indirect metaphor is a core piece of the Milton Model.

“Isomorphic” metaphors, as usually taught on Master Practitioner courses, can often be clunky and too obvious to the client. The Metaphor Machine goes way beyond that and teaches you a straightforward easy-to-apply mental process for creating elegant, indirect, “homomorphic”metaphor in the style of Milton Erickson & Richard Bandler.

When I listened to this audio set, having been an NLP trainer for some years already, I was blown away with the elegance and simplicity of the method – at the same time, nobody else as far as I know in NLP is teaching this material.

Find out more and download The Metaphor Machine from Jonathan here (a CD set version is also available).

Remember Names Naturally MP3 Set

Remember Names Naturally NLPYou know the embarrassment of forgetting someone’s name when you should remember it? The social anxiety this causes leads some people to shy away from situations where they have to meet new people. Well, here’s something that can help you remember!

Remember Names Naturally will teach you Jonathan’s unique strategy for remembering new names as soon as you meet someone – so make your networking and socialising easier and download it now.

Find out more and download Remember Names Naturally from Jonathan here.

About Jonathan Altfeld

Jonathan Altfeld NLP ProductsJonathan Altfeld is one of the smartest trainers in NLP, whom I have known since the late 90s. With a background in expert systems development, he has brought some truly innovative ideas into NLP.

Based in Tampa, Florida, he runs courses across the USA and worldwide.

Visit his online store here or see my pick of his recommended products above.

(Note: I get some commission if you buy one of these products, but I only list the best products from trainers I personally know and respect, because it’s my credibility on the line.)