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  • Dual induction hypnotic audio
  • Designed to harness the power of your unconscious mind to help you achieve your goals
  • MP3 download – 23m55s

How do you stay focused on your goals? In fact, how do you decide what you want in the first place?

This ‘dual ­induction’ hypnotic audio by the author of the acclaimed book Achieve Your Goals: Strategies To Transform Your Life (Dorling Kindersley 2006) is designed to help you decide what you want, install your goals into your future, and stay focused on your goals once you have set them.

Over a background of unobtrusive ambient music, Andy delivers separate positive suggestions to reach both hemispheres of your brain. You can consciously listen to one or the other, but not both at the same time!

So while your conscious mind just gives up and relaxes, your unconscious mind takes on board the empowering suggestions.

Details: 23 minutes 55 seconds long File size: 33 MB

Note: no subliminals are used in this audio

“My brain was totally scrambled at the beginning and I fell into a relaxed state almost straight away. Very relaxing!
It’s really motivating and great to listen to at work. It took me away from my physical surroundings and into the place within me where my goals are. It made me take a step back from Tuesday morning at work and allowed me to see why I’m here and where I’m going.” – Heather Timm, studio manager

“I have listened to the download three times. I wanted to get the sense of its effect over a few days. I feel very positive, determined and motivated. Nice intro and easy to get into the calm and relaxed state.” – Marion Anderson, life coach

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Achieve Your Goals Hypnotic Audio
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