55 Ways To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence Ebook

Waffle-free practical tips to increase your EQ

55 Ways To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence ebook

Practical advice on how to increase your emotional intelligence

This fluff-free, easy-to-read guide gives you what other EI books leave out – “how to” tips that work!

It’s short (16 pages) but full of valuable tips that you can put into practice straight away.

The booklet is divided into 5 sections, following the model of EI that Daniel Goleman set out in the best-selling book “Emotional Intelligence”. So – do you need practical tips for improving your self-awareness, understanding other people, motivating yourself, controlling your emotions, and inspiring others? Don’t have time to read weighty academic texts about EI? This is what you’ve been looking for!

“Every single tip in this valuable guide is easy to understand and implement. It is not shrouded in idealogies although the pieces are well-founded in known disciplines and research, so it is digestible by everyone. It is the neatest and most practical book I have seen for the busy reader – and that is said having written several EI books of my own! A must for everyone interested in getting some peace.” 
– Jill Dann, author of The Emotional Intelligence Workbook (Teach Yourself, 2015) and Understanding Emotional Intelligence In A Week (Hodder & Stoughton, 2001)

“As a coach I often lend out books and CD’s to my clients if that helps to accelerate their progress.
Andy Smith’s ’55 Ways To Increase Your EI’ always goes down well with time pressured executives who want some practical exercises to go away and practise. Much of the other stuff about EI is interesting but theoretical. Andy’s booklet means they can go away and give things a go and really understand how to incorporate EI into their daily lives.” 
– Julia Menaul, Accredited Master Executive Coach (Association for Coaching), Coach Trainer and Coaching Supervisor

“This book is not only a great addition to Goleman’s traditional approach to Emotional Intelligence, it can also be used on its own as a great tool in a journey through discovering the real meaning of one’s own emotions, as well as emotions of others. It’s written in friendly and easily-accessible language, free of unnecessary jargon, which makes is it very easy to follow. Each chapter contains a useful summary of what has just been said, along with a series of carefully developed exercises, giving reader the chance to apply the these skills in a real life. What I am going to say in a minute may sound like highly cheap statement to some people, but this book has literally changed my life. After three months of rigorously practicing the majority of the exercises recommended by Andy in this book, I feel much happier within my own skin. I can also easily resonate with the emotions of people around me, including my family members or co-workers. I would highly recommend buying this book to anyone wanting to gain more insight into how they feel.” 
– JM Pressner

The ebooklet comes in two formats to suit your choice of reading device:

  • .epub for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks app
  • .pdf for Windows (Adobe reader) and Mac (Preview or Adobe Reader)
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55 Ways To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence E-book
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